Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Phuket - James Bond Island - Phi Phi Island

Finally I could visit Phuket...I travel many times to Bangkok, Ciang Mai, Ayuthaya but I never have opportunity to visit Phuket... yeach I visited the beautiful paradise island finally. Clean sea water, beautifull islands and amazing night life that you can find in Phuket. Currently Air Asia has open the new route from Jakarta directly to Phuket and neednt to stop over in Kuala Lumpur, so it is time for you to enjoy your wonderfull holiday in Phuket

At 18 August 2009 from Svarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok I flew to Phuket by Air Asia and arrived in the raining afternoon. After passed the immigration I collected the maps and many advertisements about car rental, hotels and also massages that we could find in the racks that put near the exit gate.After that I headed to my hotel in Patong area, the most crowded area like Kuta in Bali and cost 600 Baths by private car and not too expensive because around 1 hour from airport to my hotel.

Patong Tower Condominium, that was my hotel and I could see from far because it is the highest building in the Patong such towering against the sky, in the centre of Patong area and facing to the beach, wow strategic place and really cheap, a big 1 bed room apartment around 500 sqft can be used for 4 persons and hm so cheap price that I got....

After arrived I put all things, bags and enjoyed the view from the balcony, hm from the balcony in the living room I could see the hill,buildings in Patong also JungCeylon the famous mall in Patong area and I moved the bedroom and another large balcony, I could see the beach and the sea from this side, hm so nice apartment and with the price I tought this apartment is beyond my expectation, living room with sofa bed can used for 2 persons, big king size for 2 persons and also partial kitchen was completed with utensils, microwave... hm nice place to relax

Free time in the afternoon so I could explore more surrounded, I tried to find tour packages to Phi Phi Island and also Phanga Bay or James Bond island for tommorow and the day after tommorow programs, and after negotiated and bargained with the travel agent in the ground floor of the apartment, finnaly I got nice price and fixed schedules: Tommorow morning will be picked up from the hotel and go to Phanga Bay and program for evening was Phuket Fantasea with Gold Seat price including dinner hm sound good ya, and the program for the next day was Phi Phi Island (hm I remember the Beach by Leonardo De Caprio...

After booked all the package, I was free now and walked along the beach but I miss the sunset time, hm so many cafes, seafood restaurants, internet cafes, after walk around 300 metres along the beach I turned right hm.. these the place for amazing night life in Patong Beach woww many discoutiques, bars, go go dance, ladyboys, beautifull women and people who relaxed and enojoyed their night and their dreams

I felt hungry and found small restaurant and so cozy and hm tried tom yam, fried rice and Thai dessert hm not bad but I thought more expensive comparing with Bangkok because these foods for 10 USD and after that I walked to night bazaar like in Suan Lum Bangkok but smaller and not so crowded and not really interesting place to visit because the retailers were not really friendly and all things were same in Bangkok and Bangkok still cheaper than Phuket.

Time already 00:00 AM and should go back to sleep still felt tired after wake up early morning from Hanoi transit to Bangkok and Phuket... hm wanna enjoy my room in Patong Tower good night.......rrrrrr zzzzzz

Wake up, wake up, didnt want to miss the colorfull sky before sunrise. Hm so nice view from the balcony and time to take picture...

Already 05:30 AM took shower and after that baked my bread, made tea and enjoy my simple breakfast... 07:30 AM I was picked up by the tour guide with big vans and around 12 persons and mostly were Western peoples to visit Phang Bay and after around 1 hour and passed the Phuket Town, we arrived in the Pier to go Phang Bay and we moved to big ship... Phanga Bay.... hm so many tourists and mostly were Western and just few Asian like me he he... all of us were in ship's deck in open space with roof so not too hot and can feel the fresh sea breeze and also with friendly English speaking tour guide and free mineral water.... and didnt feel time for lunch huu hungry and the crews served the lunch in buffet style, a big table put in the center of the deck and... spicy tom yam, fried noodles, calamary, fried fish in sweet and sour sauce and many kinds of food also tropical fresh fruits hm feel full now...

The ship docked near the rocks and the crews offered all passangers to join with them with canoes, one canoes for two passangers and accompanied with one crew who rowed the canoe. hm I was so afraid because I couldnt swim and finally I became the last participants who joined the canoe and I should wear life jacket... the crew rowed the canoe closed to the rocks, sea surface is high enough so it cover the mouth of the cave and we should lay down in kanoe to avoid the rocks and the crew slowly pushed the kanoe and we came inside the cave wooo so dark.. and using flashlight we could see the inside of the cave, dark, cold and damp, and should lay down again to go out the cave, after around 1/2 hour enjoy the kanoe, we headed back to the ship and go to the Phanga Bay and James Bond Island... hm actually it is a unique rock and this place was ever used for the shooting location of Bond Film....we should move to small boat and stop in the pier and all could hardly wait to see the rock... took picture, pose, all peoples did the same things including me he he and after this trip we headed back to Phuket and to Hotel again

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