Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

My Wonderful Honey Moon in Peninsula Beach Resort Nusa Dua

Dear friends,
After my marriage, I and my husband decided to have a wonderful place for unforgetable honeymoon and finally we choosed Bali... yes Bali but where?.... So lucky me, my a very good friend Kevin came to us and offered a very remarkable whole week stay in Peninsula Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Wow it was completely beyond our expectation and we accepted it gladly of course... Stay in Peninsula Nusa Dua, Bali for a week, it mean 8 days 7 nights woow and the price was really cheap and all of you would be jealous if I told you he he so just asked to QVI about that.....

When we arrived, we are so captivated by the view. The hotel was so lovely with so many facilities such as large swimming pool, canoes rental, bike rental, etc. It even has its own private beach and from the lobby I could feel the sea breeze and saw the blue water sea... so lovely place for our honemoon
When we entered the room.... hm was simple yet elegance, completed with kitchen set that make me able to cook for my lovely husband
We also loved the quiet environment. It made my husband and I can really enjoy our time together. The hotel staffs were so cooperative and trying their best to provide the best service for their customers.
Other things that I was happy with hotel location, not too far from famous water sport center Tanjung Benoa and sea food places

Our honeymoon in Peninsula was absolutely once of a lifetime experience and we just can not wait to be back again.
Once again thank you so much for my friend and QVI for your choice for us

Jessica & Steve

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wooww..i'm wondering...will there be next time? mauuuu.... hehehe.. *wajah ngarep2..* ;)