Senin, 08 September 2008

Giant Budha Lantao Island Hong Kong

If you visit Hong Kong, I suggest you to visit the Giant Budha by Ngong Ping Cable Car. We can say this is "a journey of Englihtenment" which involves a stunning 5.7 kms cable car ride up the side of a mountain to Ngong Ping village. The cable car travels from Tung Chung offering panoramic views encompassing sea and mountains.

You can take MTR and stop in Tung Chung MTR exit B and Ngong Ping Skyrail's Tung Chung Terminal is only a few minutes walk from this station and also you can take bus 23 from Tung Chung town center or you can take ferry from Central Pier 6 (Hong Kong MTR/Airport Express Exit E1) walk trough IFC Mall) in Central to Mui Wo, Lantau Island, then take bus 2.

It takes around 25 minutes for the cable car to pass 5.7 kms cables and will end in the location of Tian Tan Giant Budha which is claimed as the biggest and the tallest outdoor seated bronze Budha sits serenely a top Ngong Ping Plateau amid specatular mountain scenery. Last admission is around 05.30 PM so it will be better if you come in the morning around 10.00 AM.

The weight of the bronse Budha is around 250 tons from more than 202 pieces of bronze and 24 meters height. You should hike around 268 stairs before you reach to the top of the hill.

The Budha Tian Tan is encircled by eight smaller statues which reflects the God Eternity.

Many local photographers will welcome you and offering their service for taking pictures which is cost around 20 HKD for one picture.

You can try the traditional chinese tea or foods and many shops where you can find souvenirs as your remambrance of Ngong Ping Village or do you want to enjoy the Monkeys tale theater? The Monkey's Tale Theatre presents a charming and comical 'show' inspired by the famous Buddhist Jataka stories. Set in a magical courtyard under the branches of a majestic Bodhi Tree, this story will engage and inspire guests of all ages. This is an animatic show

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