Rabu, 10 September 2008

Langkawi Island

What can I say about Langkawi? Views, seafood, beaches and duty free shop? Yes you can find all of that in Langkawi

Langkawi is a small island but so calm and really nice place for spend your holiday time. Not too far from Kuala Lumpur, by plane just around 1 hour and I really suggest you to visit Langkawi...

The first time you arrive in the airport you will see the signboard " Langkawi Kota Bebas Pajak" or Langkawi The Duty Free City.

Many beaches in Langkawi like Cenang beach, Kok beach, Tengah beach, Pasir Hitam beach, Tanjung Rhu (Casuarina) beach, Datai bay, Burau bay, Teluk Yu beach.

When we talk about Langkawi not only one big island is called Langkawi but also around 100 small islands around Langkawi island such as Dayang Bunting, Singa Besar, Payar, Rebak, Tuba, Beras Basah and still many small islands.

Other interesting areas such as Kuah Town where you can find malls, duty free shops and Eagle Square Park. Under water Langkawi near Cenang beach and also Cable Car in Mat Chincang Mountain, Telaga Tujuh and also many resorts such as Awani Porto, Berjaya and etc

In the airport you can take free map of Langkawi and you can rent a car which the prices are vary depend on the car that you choose. I rent proton matic not new but still ok only 80 RM for 24 hours, actually this price still expensive, you can get new proton matic with the same price. If you dont want to rent a car from the airport, you can go to the town first but the taxi from airport to the city it is cost 18 RM/person.

The crowded place and the favourite place to stay is Cenang Beach area, I stayed in Aseana Hotel and this is a nice 3 stars hotel and quite cheap around 150 RM/night including breakfast and closed to the beach to Hoping Island.

It is very easy to drive car in Langkawi island because the road so quiet and all poeple drive so slowly around 60 kms/hour and so many signboard and you will never lost your way. Along the way to the Aseana hotel, we passed Pantai Cenang area and so many seafood restaurants, shops in both side of the road.

So many seafood restaurants around Cenang or Kok areas but I suggest "Orkhid Ria" Seafood restaurant in Cenang area, the most crowded restaurand comparing with others and the price and the food really really recommended..... 100 grams fresh lobster only 16 RM thats really cheap, try the geropa in ABC sauce and also grilled lobster hmm yummy but I dont recommend the noodles there.

Other interesting places are cable car in Mat Chincang Mountain which is around 1 hour from Cenang area to this place by car. You will hike around 710 meters high to the top of Mat Chincang mountain by cable car and it has 2 stops one is in the 625 m high and the second is in 710 m high. This is really interesting because so foggy and it was quite experience because the slope so sharp and very high. You can try a hanging bridge in the first stop if you dare to do it.

Other interesting place is Kuah Town which you can find many duty free shops here and the price is really cheap, for example a pack of chocolate which is sold 12 RM,and when you buy in KL Duty free around 21.9 RM and in Singapore in the Duty Free is 12 SGD hm it is really really cheap, isnt?

Under water world is nice place to visit too, especiallfy for kids.

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