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Interesting Places in Bangkok

I can say that Bangkok is the heaven for shopping , for sightseeing and also for foods and nightlife. There is a combination between the traditional and modern life, where you can find so many temples and arts and also modern shopping malls. Accomodations are vary in Bangkok from a very cheap one until the 5 stars hotels can be found in Bangkok, also you can find many rental apartments in good qualities but in cheap prices too.
I really like Bangkok especially the foods and the cultures and I hope one day I have a house or an apartment there.
Currently I use my timeshare membership when I stay in Bangkok because the company has 5 home resorts in Thailand and 2 of the home resorts are in Bangkok, 1 in Pattaya, 1 in Phuket and 1 in Koh Samui so I can get cheaper price for accomodation and even just 50% comparing the market price hm so lucky me ya!!! But my friends if you want to get the cheap price like me just contact me, dont worry I can give you my week in affordable price.

Many interesting place that you can visit :

Traditional market :

Chatuchak Market : Many people spell it with catucak or jatujak or cathucak. Open in Friday to Sunday only, a huge traditional market, may be
more than 6 times of sooccer place, you can find so many things not only arts, but also pets, shoes, foods, drinks, I really like the meat balls with kew tiauw which are sold in front of the market.
You can head to the this place by bus (3, 26, 34, 59, 63, 77,145, etc) because this place not too far from Bangsue bus station or by MRT stop in Chatuchak station or by using BTS (Shukumvit Line) stop in Mochit
Several points that you should remember :
[] It is opened only during weekend so dont miss it.
[] Bring your cap and wear casual shirt because so hot and crowded, the shops are mostly in open air and so many alleys there.
[] If you find something nice in a one shop make sure you know the rows/alleys number and remember that because if you want to come back to the shop it is not easy to find it because every row/alleys look like the same.
[] Bargain and bargain.
[] Get the layout of the market, you can find in the tourist information

Suan Lum Night Bazaar (Lumphini) : Open daily from afternoon till night, a huge night market, and the layout so tidy so you can enjoy your shopping time, go around first before you decide to buy because you will find that the price can be different for the same things and mostly the front booths will be more expensive than inside one. Easy to go to this place, you can go by bus, tuk-tuk or by train, if you use MRT just stopped in Lumphini station or by BTS (Silom line) you should stop in Saladaeng station the interchange with MRT and take the MRT to Lumphini station.

If you are hungry it has a huge footcourt like a soocer place and surrounded by food & beer stalls, find popular beers like Singha, Heineken or others beer, Thai local bands will accompany your dinner and also many pubs or resto with nice and cozy athmosperes and also you can see the Joe Louise Puppet Show!! Like wayang golek in Indonesia or water puppet in Vietnam. The plots make use of the Ramayana Epics. You can see the Thai Boxing in Lumpini Boxing Stadium but remember that the activities are held every Tuesday and Friday from 06.00 PM to 10.00PM and Saturday from 05.00 PM to 08.30 PM except important Budhist Days.

Things to remember :
[] Dont buy in a rush except you have no a plenty of time because you can find many interesting things and cheaper price for the same things.
[] Make sure that you are ready and have enough to walk around the bazaar.
[] Enjoy the food and the music in the big food court but I dont recommend for the taste because just so so and not really cheap, better you have dinner in several pubs or resto near the puppet show place.

Bobei/Bobae Market : Actually this is a flea market and the grocery market mostly for clothes, where you can buy in cheaper price but should by in minimum order quantity. For example like Thai T-Shirt which is sold in modern market/shoppingmall around 100 – 120 Bth/pieces you get in Bobey around 600 – 900 Bth/dozen. No MRT or BTS line to this place but you can take bus or the easiest way to reach Bobae Market is through the speed boat at Khlong Saen Sab (Saen Sab Canal) their are many piers to get on it however the easy one would be the Pratunam Pier (opposite of World Trade Center) under the small canal bridge or by bus (53), It also has modern shopping mall there. Oh ya from Muslim people you can find the msoque for praying and Muslim community in this area. I heard the Bobae market was on fire?. Hm if It is really happened I will be miss the memories there, crowded people, bargain and many indian merchants there and I also can find Indonesian batik is made from Pekalongan he he and also have lunch beside the small river.

Things to remember :
[] Open daily but mostly closed around 05.00 PM so better you go there in the morning.
[] Bargain and bargain in this place.

Pratunam Market :a well know wholesale shopping market that basically offers clothes. Get the wholesale price you'll need to buy at least 3 pieces of the same item. Conveniently centered at the corner of Rathchaprarop and New Petchaburi Roads but it covers a much broader area extending up Rathchaprarop to the Indra Hotel. It includes a vast covered area bounded by these streets called "City Complex". Walking distance from World Trade Center and Panthip Plaza. Thailand's tallest building (Baiyoke 2 Tower) is part of the market.

Patpong Night Market :The famous place for bargain, its look like Ladies Market in Mong KoK Hongkong or Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur or Mustofa Market in Singapore, you can find many things and even the nightlife from tiger show, life shows especially for adults. Very easy to find this place, just take BTS (Silom line and stop in Silom or by MRT stop in Saladaeng. But if you stay in the place where not BTS Silom Line or MRT and you can find BTS (Sukhumvit line) just take the BTS go to the Siam station and stop there and change with BTS Silom line to Silom station. I guess you will really enjoy the nightlife there especially for the bachelors ha ha, but wifes be carefull if your husbands go to this place alone!

Nana Night Market : Near the Sukhumvit area and easy to find because you can use the BTS Sukhumvit line and stop in Nana station but this market not so big like Lumphini or Patpong

Modern Shopping Malls :Siam Centre, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, MBK, all of the modern shopping mall which are located in Ratchaprasong area, easy to find, you can just ystop National Stadium station and started from MBK or from BTS interchange in Siam.
Isetan, Central World, Erawan, Amarin Plaza, Gaysorn, President Tower Arcade, and other shopping center , you can find in Sukhumvit road, which can be reached by stopping in Chit Lom station (BTS Sukhumvit line)
My suggestion for complete shopping mall is MBK which you can find traditional Thai food, Thai souvenir in the 7th Floor, movies, silks and its a huge shopping mall too.

Yaowaraj (China Town) : the place that you should visit, you can reach by boat and stop in Rajchawong Pier or by bus (4, 7, 25, 49, 73, 730 etc), this place is not close to BTS or subway so the nearest BTS is National Stadium but the nearest way actually by subway to Hua Lam Phong station and find the Yaowaraj (Yaowarat) road. Along the road lies gold shops, stores selling imported products from China, food outlets, and the old market, a local market for fresh and dried chinese foods, and in the evening it will be converted to be food market which is one of the longest in Bangkok

Khao San Road : this place becomes famous and famous among backpackers and tourists and one of the most economical tourist place because of moderately priced
accomodation and nightlife attractions. Easy to find this place, actually in the north of Wat Phrakew and not too far from the Democracy monument and the Wat Suthatthep Wararam and Giant Swing but no subway or BTS line to this place and you can use Bus (53, 506, 516, etc) or by boat and stop in Phra Arthit Pier

Thai Cooking School : The famous Thai Cooking School is Blue Elephant, it is also a Royal Thai Cuisine resto, easy to find this place just take the BTS (Silom Line) and stop in Surasak station. Another cheap cooking school is Silom Cooking School by Sanusi Mareh, quite interesting because you will visit market, prepare all stuff, cooking and enjoy your foods

Thai Temples : So many temples (wat) in Bangkok, I can say Bangkok is the thousands temple city (actually around 887 temples), from the plane when it will land, you can see the shinning and sparkling roofs with golden ornaments thats will be temples.
Many famous temple especially located along the Chao Phraya river and China Town. My suggestions if you want to explore the temples, you should start it from morning because mostly temple will be closed around 05.00 PM and you can start from Saphan Thaksin Station (the last station of BTS Silom line). Go down from the station, below the station you will find the Central Pier and take the public boat not private boat, It is really cheap just for 8 Bath you can go to the temples.

Wat Phrakew & King PalaceYou can stop in Tha Chang Pier (Pier 9) (asked to the person who sells the ticket)
and start with Wat Phrakew or Budha Emerald Temple and King Palace, just walk straight from the Pier and dont believe to the persons who said that the temple is closed temporary due to the Royal families activities or whatever because they just want you to go to other temple which their friend already there and they will persuade you to go the gem stones store or other places where they get commissions!!! Really be carefull!!! They are so nice and polite but actually they are a syndicate!!! Why can I told you like this because I got the same experiences twice not only once he he so stupid me ya, altough I go to Bangkok many times.
The ticket to the temple and King Palace for around 250 Baths, it is the most expensive admission because other temples only for 20 to 40 Baths. Please remember wear long trouses and polo shirt and no slippers or sandals because this is the King Palace and wear in proper and polite if not you should borrow it in the entrance gate hmm but I never suggest it!!!
Take pictures and enjoy the carving, the scluptures and the scenes, all are in gold colour and so beautifull.

Wat Pho (Reclining Budha Temple)
From the Wat Phra Kew you can take left side and go to the Wat Pho and just walk not too far, the admission fee around 20 Baths and you can see the Giant Reclining Budha inside the temple and many tombs are covered with China Ceramics, blue and white, yellow, red colours, and also the statue of Marcopolo and Kwan Kong. You can try the Thai massage in these area, Massagers who graduate from Wat Pho massage school are very famous, because it has massage training and also traditional medication. The admission is cost for 50 Bths. From this temple you can just go straight to the Pier #8 (Tien Pier) and take a boat to other temple which you can see just cross the river it is called Wat Arun (temple of dawn)

Wat Arunratchawararam (Wat Arun)You can see the gigantic stupa around 82 meters in height and around 234 meters in width. Old and beautifull temple, you can find many shops are located behind the temple and the price are affordable because this temple not really crowded like Wat Phrakew or Wat Pho.
You can climd the temple but be carefull the stairs are so steep but after you are in the top you can see the beautifull scenery and the Chaopraya river

Wat Traimit (Golden Budha Image)
You can find 5 tons Budha Image from gold, which is titled "Phra Sukothaitraimit". The admission fee is 20 Bths, the temple not so big but really cramped with many visitors.
You can reach this place by subway and stop in Hua Lamphong station before you visit China Town you will find this temple.

Wat Benchamabophit Dusitwanaram (The Marble Temple)Regarded as a first class royal temple, walls are adorned with the finest marble from Italy. This temple is located in Rama V road, no BTS or subway line to this place so you can use bus (16, 23, 72, 503, 505, 509), nice place to visit and please bring your umbrella or cap so hot because not many trees in front of temple and it is made from with marble and really dazzling.

Wat Barwornnivet Wihan (Wat Bon or Wat Baworn)This temple is close to the Khao San road and located in Pranakorn and no BTS or subway lines to this place, but you can you bus (12, 56, 68). I really like the ornament inside the temple with Chinese carved door and also the mural in the wall. Nice temple to see

Wat Suthatthep Wararam and Giant SwingIt was build as a monumental landmark of Kingdom during King Rama 1, the unique things that it has a giant swing and no stupa here! Different with other temple. This temple is located in Pranakorn and can be reached by boat and stop in Saphan Phut Pier, cross the Pakklong Talad (Flower Market) because this temple is close to the flower market and also by bus (12, 35, 42, 508, nice temple to see

Other Wats, still many interesting Wats to see such as Wat Sake (The Golden Mount), Wat Prasrimaha (Wat Kaek), Wat Ratchabophit, Wat Ratchanaddaram, Wat Mahathat, Wat Kalayanamit and etc.

Others interesting places like Jim Thomson House and Museum which easy to reach from National Stadium station by BTS. This a two storey house which top floor consists of rooms with Asian antiques, the ground floow many Thai traditional potteries, antique ceramics fro China and Vietnam and also silk and old clothes.

Around 2 hours from Bangkok, you can visit Kanchanaburi War Cemetry which more than 3000 US, Australia, New Zealand and other countries passed during World War II againts Japan, War Museum, The Bridge on The River Kwai, Rafting on the river, Elephant Trackking also Tiger Temple. Nice place to visit

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