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Tips for Travelling in Kuala Lumpur

Several tips that I can share about Kuala Lumpur :

Accomodations :

Many hotels from budget to 5 stars, but as budget traveller my recommendation for the hotels are :

1. Tune Hotel in Sultan Ismail Street, you can bookdirectly by visiting the website , the room rate will be cheaper if you already booked in advance and many reasons why I put this hotel in No. 1, that you can read in my posting such as the strategic place, closed to the Medan Tuanku Monorail Station, closed to Masjid India area and around you can just walk around 15 minutes to Dataran Merdeka, Pasar Seni (Art Market) and China Town (Petaling Street). Free wifi and desktops in the ground floor.
For the aircondition (AC) better you take the 12 hours package because the price/hour will be cheaper and refundable and also you can use the washing machine in the 7th floor.

2.Pondok Lodge in Changkat Bukit Bintang Street, It is like a boarding house, the location is not so far from Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor, you should book first because I am not sure still available room if you go directly to this place. Many foreigners and backpackers here.

3.Small guest houses or hotel around Pudu Raya Street (in front of Bus Station) but I dont suggest these areas because to crowded and not really sure for safety.

4.Hotel Nova in the Alor Street, not really cheap around 120 - 150 RM/night but strategic because Alor Street is the place for eating in the evening.

5.Hotel Mandarin or Mirama in Maharajarela Street are just closed to Maharajarela Monorail Station and Petaling Street the room rate around 110 - 150 RM with nice swimming pool in the roof top and not really crowded area.

6.Hotel Agora in Bukit Bintang Street, It is really in the centre of Bukit Bintang walk but should book first because always full and not expesinve around 110 - 150 RM, actually many hotels around Bukit Bintang and you can explore in the internet.

7. Replica Inn Hotel in Changkat Bukit Bintang Street or in Jalan Petaling, cheap and clean, I ever tried Replica Inn in Changkat Bukit Bintang, nice and just in front of Jalan Alor which become a long food stall in the evening.

Food Places :

1.Roti Prata and teh tarik really cheap in Alor Street (around 1 RM per piece of Prata) and also behind the hotel Mandarin Court or hotel Mirama or behind the KL Sentral Monorail Station.

2.Hokkien Mee and Fish Cake in the evening from Maharajarela Station you go straight pass the old temple (Chan See Sue Yen temple) go straight to Petaling Street after pass the car park in left side you see the place. This really nice and delicious mee around 10 RM/person.

3.Sakura Restaurant in Imbi Street, famous for nasi lemak, kantonese and hokkian mee, ice kacang around 25 - 30 RM/person.

4.Food stall in the corner of Imbi Street (near Wisma Imbi), hm so yummy for laksa or curry with yong tau fu, kew tiauw with hainan chicken hm you should visit this place around 10 - 15 RM/person.

5.Masjid India, hm you can find so many traditional foods here, especially during fasting month hm place must be visit.

6.Kampung Bahru, easy to find by KTM stop in Kampung Bahru and turn left and walk around 200 with traditional foods and must visit ! Really malay taste like pulut durian, bubur chacha, many kinds of kuih-kuih (traditional snacks).

7.Dine out in Petaling Street around 25 - 30 RM/person if you want the chinese food excluding beer.

8. Asian Heritage, beside the Imperial Hotel, for clubbing and hang out can be reached by monorail and stop in Medan Tuanku and below the station you can see the lighting of Asian Heritage.

Interesting Places :

1.KL Tower in Puncak Street, just go by Rapid KL Metro Bus from cross section between Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail, around 60 or 90 cents/person, you can ask to the Tourist Information in the corner of this road, tell to the
driver that you want to go to the KL Tower and he will stop in the P. Ramlee street. Just walk to the Puncak street around 200 m and from the gate you can go the KL Tower by suttle bus or just walk.

2.Dataran Merdeka and Abdul Samad Building, a big park with the very tall flag pole and National Museum, you can go to this place by take Putra LRT from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek.

3.Central Market, in this place you can find so many novelty items, and for souvenirs, you can use Putra LTR from KL Sentral ans Stop in Pasar Seni.

4.Petaling Street (China Town), just beside the Central Market, find everything here and bargain and bargain! behind the Petaling Street is Pudu Raya Bus Station so actually not too far from Bukit Bintang and Alor street (if you really like walking like me he he).

5.Bukit Bintang Walk, these area actually around Bukit Bintang & Imbi Street, you can satisfy your shopping, like Orchard in Singapore, thirsty or hungry find so many food places and coffee shops here.

6.KLCC, the twin tower, if you want to take picture in the evening with all beautifull lighting and the tower background, dont come too early come around 07.30 PM because the sky will start to dark. If you want to take picture and the whole tower as your background, you should walk to the park near Mandarin Hotel or Aquaria KLCC and take your pics. After that you can enjoy your shopping in Suria KLCC and for ladies dont forget the Vincci shoes in the ground floor.

7.Mid Valley Shopping Mall, the mega shopping mall, actually it is not to far from KL Sentral but you can go there by KTM komuter to Seremban, just one stop from KL Sentral to Mid Valley. During the luch time or after office hours the traffics to this place are so crowded, you can find nice parks beside this mall.

8.1 Utama, a huge shopping mall in the Bandar Utama Klang Valley, how to go 1 Utama? You can go by bus RapidKL U82 from KL Sentral to Bandar Utama and disembark in 1 Utama, keep your ticket because you can use for you trip going back to KL Sentral and valid for whole day. You can go by LTR from KL Sentral to Kelana Jaya Station, go to the opposite side of the road, by passing the bridge over the road and take taxi for around 15 RM.

9.Ikano, the place of IKEA store, how to go IKEA? you can go by LTR from KL Sentral to Kelana Jaya Station and like the way to 1 Utama, just go the opposite side ot the road and waiting for the Ikano Shuttle Bus Service, but you can also go by taxi from this point only for 10 - 15 RM.

10.Mine Mall, by KTM to Serdang from KL Sentral and go to the opposite side, a shopping mall with a lake and tunnel like in Venice, you can use the boat to the shopping mall.

11.Bery'ls Chocolate Shop, place of choco mania, but make sure that you only buy that what you need not what you want he he, you will be broke, this place is actually behind the Pasar Rakyat in Imbi, one of the bus coach stop (bus from or to KL). You can go this place in a cheaper way by asking the taxi drivers to this place, they will be happy even you just pay for 10 RM for the cost because they will get commision if you buy chocolate here. But be smart because all chocolate really nice especially the chocolate with real pasta of mango or durian he he so yummy.

12. Bandar Sunway or Sunway Lagoon, Istana (Palace), Butterfly and Deer Park, Putra Jaya and others.

Other Interesting Places :
1. Genting Highland
My suggestion: you should spend the night here and feel the breeze, cold, enjoy the indoor and outdoor theme park, sky train and of course casinos!!! May be it is your lucky time.
How to go to Genting, very easy, just go to KL Sentral and asking for the Airasia bus schedule to the Genting or for more frequent schedule just go to bus station like Pudu or Titiwangsa, by monorail you can go to Titiwangsa, go down from the station and the bus station under the station, the cost for around 5-6 RM and will be more expensive on weekend days.

2. Batu Caves
Batu Caves is located in Gombak area (outside KL) limestone cave with 272 stairs if you want to go upstairs, with a huge Lord Murugan Statue ( The War God).
You can reached this place by LTR train to Putra Station in Gombak from KL Sentral and after that you can go to this place by bus 203 or just go by taxi only for 10 RM

Still many interesting places outside Kuala Lumpur like Ipoh, Malaka, Cameroon Hill and I will tell you more in my next story.

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