Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

KL Trip Day - 4

I woke up around 07.00 AM and took shower, at 07.30 AM we walked to Medan Tuanku Station again and stopped in Bukit Bintang and walked to the Imbi street, There was a food court in the corner, I really miss the chinese laksa,this is combination between laksa or curry soup with yong to fu, kwetiauw or bee hun. Hm so yummy and I could not stand to wait the maid prepared the laksa, I choose keutiauw shimmered with soy sauce and hainan chicken for my brother and for my sister I ordered hainan rice with pork and tofu. Hm this was the best breakfast for us, Friends you should try!!!

After from this place, we walked to the Beryls chocolate factory and bought some chocolate and back to the hotel. I went back to the Alor street took my prata hm still waited for 15 minutes because has not finished prepared 25 pieces of prata.

I arrived in hotel around 11.00 AM and by taxi we went to KL Sentral around 16 RM and by bus we went to LCCT, too early arrived in LCCT around 01.20 PM still 1 hour for the check in time, we have lunch in the airport, guess what? Nasi lemak hm yummy

The check in counter was opened and after checked in we passed the immigration and went to the waiting room

Finally we would back home after 4 days 3 nights trips in KL and Genting, and more than 500 pictures hm hm and mostly pictures of my sister he he

Byee KL next October and November I will be there again before I go to Phuket

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