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KL Trip Day - 1

I went to KL for many many times but this is the first time I write my trip in KL, this time I went to KL not alone but with my sister and brother which this was their first trip to KL.

This trip was 4 days 3 nights trip, started 26/7/2008 to 29/7/2008

Day-1 26/7/2008
We started our trip from Surabaya by Airasia with the flight schedule at 08.20 AM, nothing so special during in the Juanda Airport and on the plane. We arrived in LCCT around 12.10 at noon and after passed the immigration we went to the KL Sentral by Airasia bus only for 9 RM/person or can use other bus with only for 8 RM/person and it took around 1.5 hours to arrive in KL Sentral.Arriving in KL Sentral we went to KL Sentral Monorail station just nearby. Wow so long queueing people wanted to buy the tickets, so we decided to have lunch in Nasi Kandar beside the counter because our stomach could not be compromised he he. I choosed rendang sotong (cuttle fish rendang) and my sister choosed rendang udang (shrimp rendang) and my brother as usual choosed rendang ayam (chicken rendang) hm so yummy because I really like Indian and Malay taste which rich of spices and strong flavours. We just spend for around 20 RM for 3 person including 2 coconut water and ice lemon tea this was not really cheap but it was still OK. Behind the KL Monorail station is an area called Brickfields, you can find many indian foods and halal foods too.

I bought the monorail ticket from KL Sentral to Medan Tuanku, 2.5 RM/person because I stayed in Tune Hotels which located around 200 meters away from Medan Tuanku Station. It took around 15 minutes and we stopped in Medan Tuanku Station and walked to the Hotel.

Tune Hotel is belong to the Airasia company so not wonder the color is red & white like the plane itself and really cheap as a budget hotel, These is really good and smart ideas, how can the price so cheap because you should pay seperately for the usage of AC, you can choose the package for 5 hours or 12 hours AC usage and
refundable. No towel and amnieties and you should pay if you need it, but for me thats good because I seldom use the hotel towel. No drink water for complimentary but the room and shower room is OK. No breakfast but easy to satisfied your hungry, Subway, Kopi Tiam and 24 hours Seven Eleven in the ground floor and also wifi internet free (it has 5 or 6 units desktop).

The other good point is the location in the corner of the junction between Sultan Ismail & Tuanku Abdul Rahman street, easy to find and not to far from Asian Heritage, nice place for night hang out and Masjid India area which you can find flea market for the Real Malay foods, clothes like in Petaling (China Town) and close to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Dataran Merdeka (Japanese like to go this place).

I think Airasia should give me reward ya because I promoted your hotel he he!!
After I checked in and confirmed my e-booking for 2 rooms (1 single room and 1 double room) and put all bags, we started our cheap trip or tour in Kuala Lumpur.

Starting with walked just cross the hotel and took pictures in front of the Hotel, I was the photographer and my sister and my brother become my models he he. I really happy because altough she is not young anymore 60 years old but always full of passion if I wanted to take her pictures, narcists may be he he.
We went to the Masjid India street, just cross the road in front of Sogo, wow so there was a crowded area in the saturday afternoon, you can bargain for clothes, parsmina, foods, drinks, etc, it is really a interesting place that you must visit. Look at the picture, find so many delicious food like asam laksa penang, nasi briyani, lemang, kropok ikan (like brown snakes or sausages) or like pempek lenjer but the color are brown. We drank the mata kucing (actually this lo han kuo and add dried long an, the chinese herbs drink for reduce body heat) just for 10 RM/cup.

After sightseeing and wondered about the foods we went to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Dataran Merdeka. Taking picture again he he.

After taking picture in Dataran Merdeka and Sultan Abdul Samad Builiding we walked passed the bridge and went to the Pasar Seni where it is just beside the river. This is a nice place to visit and you can find many souvenir and Malaysian arts even from Indonesia, India and Thailand such as wayang and also traditional foods, the food court in the upstrair is nice place to visit too and behind the Pasar Seni you can find many art shop, painting and also exhibition place for dancing, painting, drama or music.

After enjoying all things, we went out the Pasar Seni and cross the road to Petaling Street (Chinatown) the famous and crowded place for night market. My sister took picture again near the flower shop he he so narcist she is.

We walked around the Petaling and the time was already at 6.00 PM and we went to the KLLC from Petaling by taxi for 20 RM and actually could be 10 RM but I was so tired to bargain. Walking around the Suria KLCC and nothing to buy just took pictures and I bought Vincci shoes in LG of Suria KLCC for my sister. She was so happy because it aws look so nice and comfortable.
Around 7.15 PM we walked out and went to the park beside KLCC to get the good pictures with Petronas Twin Tower background. All the lighting of the building started to put on until to the top and we took several pictures there.

From KLCC by taxi to Imbi Street and paid for 10 RM, we have dinner in Sakura Restaurant, this place is famous for nasi lemak, es kacang and also for hokkien or kantonese mee. I ordered kewtiauw in hokkien style, my sister for hainan chicken rice and my brother as usual didnt not really want to try new food so just nasi goreng belacan he he, hm really nice and full already, it was cost for around 60 RM but really worth it.

After from the resto, we walked to Bukit Bintang Station around 300 meters and went to the hotel around 9.30 PM.

This the first day trip and we was really tired because we had woke up early morning due to the morning flight, slept well and ready for day-2 trip.

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Pasti enak kewtiauwnya...kenapa waktu disana ngak coba ya, padahal itu makanan favorit...

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memang aku sengaja biar kamu ke sana lagi ya he he padahal itu resto yang sama waktu kita makan bareng rombongan itu lho