Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

KL Trip Day - 2

My alarm rang at 06.00 AM it was still dark outside, .different from the morning in Surabaya at 05.00 it was already so bright. I took a shower and was ready become a"tour guide" again for my sister and brother for the second day. Our plan was to go to Genting Highlands and Batu Caves.We went to the hotel ground floor at around 07.00 AM and bought 3 boxes of nasi goreng and 2 small cup of Tongkat Ali instant Coffee in 7 eleven, for me? water was enough. It was really a simple breakfast and after that we strolled to the Medan Tuanku station and the road was still not really cramped because it was Sunday and mostly the offices were closed
When we arrived in KL Sentral Monorail Station, as usual we passed the road and go to the KL Sentral Station where the first time we came to KL from LCCT. I wanted to try the Airasia Bus from KL Sentral directly to Genting, but alas the next schedule was at 02.00 PM and the time was still at around 08.30 AM wow we had to wait too long and it waste of time, so I decided to head back to the KL Sentral monorail station and took a route to Titiwangsa station where it is just beside the Titiwangsa Bus terminal.

Hm so worn out actually and this was a good lesson for the next time I should have checked the schedule first and I just realized that the schedule of Airasia bus to Genting is not available every hour.
Upon arriving in Titiwangsa at around 09.30 AM and once again long queuing and I checked in the counter that I would get bus at 11.20 AM and it was really crowded so I decided to change our plan. I told my sister and brother that better we would go to the Genting the next day, it would not be really crowded because today was Sunday, many people went to Genting.

They agreed for the changing and we headed back to the Hotel, Titiwangsa is just 2 monorail stations away, Titiwangsa --> Chow Kit --> Medan Tuanku, so after arrived in Medan Tuanku, I asked my sister to stay in the station while I and my brother went back to the hotel in order to put our jackets, my brother changed his clothes with a t-shirt.

I and my brother went back again to the Medan Tuanku station, afterwards three of us went back again to the KL Sentral, wow this was a quick change of the plan.

After arriving in KL Sentral monorail station, passed again the road to KL Sentral Station and I took KTM to Serdang, my plan was going to Mine Mall, only for 1.6 RM/person for the KTM but should wait around 30 minutes because the next KTM to Serdang was at 10.05 AM, after waited for the KTM to arrive in KL Sentral at around 10.10 AM and really crowded.We passed Mid Valley, and many stations before stopping in Serdang. It wa again and again my sister took pictures in Serdang train station and we went out the station passed over the bridge above the Sungai Besi street and went to the small pier at where a boat was waiting for people who wanted to go the Mine Malls, the ticket was 3 RM/person and it took around in 5 minutes to go to the inside mall. The concept of this mall is like in Venice or in Dubai which the mall is surrounded by water. Nice mall but actually it is a small shopping mall. We just took pictures with many angles and places in the mall and had lunch. I bought Malay Rojak and my sister tried it, the taste were so so, I think our rujak cingur is better than this rojak.

From the Mine mall, we went back to the Serdang train station by the boat again, the wheather was not really hot because the Serdang station was in a open space and it was outside KL so we still could feel the breeze.
We stopped in Mid Valley, just 1 station away before KL station and visited the Mid Valley Mega Mall, a huge modern mall, hm sale every where and so many people were inside and I guess there were many Indonesian visitors who would spent their money here he he but except us because we did not really want to go for shopping, just window shopping only. Taking pictures again it was like a habit that she could not stand if saw a nice background for taking picture he he

From Mid Valley we headed to Bukit Bintang by taxi around 10 RM only and visited Lot 10, Sungai Wang, Bukit Bintang Plaza, after that we crossed the Bukit Bintang street and went to Alor street, sttt I visited my old friend he he the Indian man who sold roti prata with the delicious gravy of curry.... yummy, I ordered 2 pieces and masam limau ice, for my sister and brother because these was the first time for them to try roti prata so they just ordered 1 piece per each and sipped`cold nescafe hmm they are really coffee mania.
Yum yum just few minutes I finished my roti prata and the delicious curry gravy and I ate the crispy fried fish (my sister said that the fish for cat he he) but I didnt care because so crispy and delicious.

I ordered 25 pieces of roti prata for bringing home on Tuesday 29/7 and agreed that I would take it before 11.00 AM, very cheap only 1 RM/each (on May only 0.9 RM/each may be due to the oil price increase), totally I paid 34 RM so for eating there it wa`only 9 RM, wanna try???

After felling full we continued to walk again to the Bukit Bintang street in front of Lot 10 and took Rapid KL Metrobus only by paying 0.9 RM/each because we just stopped in the P. Ramlee street to visit KL Tower. The tower was in the uphill so we had to walk go up passing the Puncak street.

We could see the Tower, really tough and solid as tough it challenged us to conquer.

After we arrived in the gate of the KL Tower Complex, I asked to the security guard whether it had a shuttle bus to the tower, the next bus would come in 15 minutes from no. But if we still had the energy to walk for just 5 minutes but then we should go trough the stairs. I asked my sister if she wanted to walk because she is 60 years old but she is still oke and not tired (wow she really enjoyed the trip and was really strong ya).

Finally we arrived in the KL Tower, and paid for 20 RM/person to climb the tower by the lift, many poeple visited the tower but it was not really crowded, hm the lift started going up and 50 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, 200 meters and 250 meters , we arrived at last, hm it wa`so amazing we could see all KL not only from one side but also from all the side(360 degrees) because it was a circle and there were free telescopes so you could try it, hm i took many pictures of the building and all looked like a small building and also the Petronas twin tower looked so small.

After walking around, we went to the booth where it offered people for taking picture in Malaysia traditonal costumes and my sister was so badly want it he he, she really really narcist (may be including me too) because finally three of us wore the traditional costumes and paid for 40 RM (for one picture for maximum 4 persons), the booth was in open space so many poeple saw us and many foreigners took pictures of us too he he like famous artists ya......

Click... click the photographer made pictures of us to immoratalize our poses in malay traditional costumes

My sister and brothers were really happy and finally I paid for 60 RM including developed 2 more pictures, so we got 3 pictures in one pose so every one had one memorable picture.

From KL Tower, we walked down the Puncak street and turn left passing the P.Ramlee street and turn left again passed the Tuanku Ismail street, we enjoyed the shaddow of trees along the street and went back to the hotel by monorail from Bukit Nanas to Medan Tuanku which was just one stop away, It was still around 05.00 PM, I asked my sister and brother to take a rest for a while and we would start again at 07.00 PM, I went to the ground floor, checked the emails, free internet in this hotel, after that I walked to Sogo because I really want the lemang with srikaya (steamed sticky rice layered with coconut milk blend with brown sugar) in the lower ground food court, I bought several kue-kue (traditional snack) for my brother and sister too.

It was already 07.00 PM, we were ready to explore KL City he he, before that I asked my sister to put on her brand new shoes that was bought in KLCC and took a picture with her shoes, all of us laughed but my sister did it he he, she really like the brand new shoes.
We went to the Medan Tuanku station again and again and we stopped in Imbi Station and visited Time Square shopping mall just for window shopping and took picture, and after we felt hungry, we went to the Petaling street by monorail again from Imbi station to Maharajarela station. We went down from the station and passed the old temple, there was a nice place for hokkien mee and fish cake actually, it is located in the corner near the car parking and this was a famous place for old chinese people in KL for gathering and spend their time with their friends but alas it was closed, hm I missed the fish cake and the sambal. Next time I should go here againSo we continued to Petaling and so crowded here and we had dinner in chinese outdoor restaurant, we ordered beef in black pepper sauce, kangkung (water spinach) with balacan, chicken sweet sour sauce and coconut for drinks. Wanna see my sister get drunk he he, actually she just brought an empty beer bottle and took picture he he

After having dinner which cost for around 60 RM we walked around Petaling and it was already around 10.00 PM so we headed back to the hotel by taxi cost for 10 RM because we were all so tired after climbing the KL Tower he he

We headed back to the Hotel and had to take a rest.

Good night and byeee and see you tomorrow morning

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