Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

KL Trip Day - 3

Still want to read my journey in day 3? Ok I woke up at 06.00 AM and I looked at my watch 28/7/2008, ya should take shower and ready to go to Genting Highland after yesterday I had cancelled it. Around 06.30 AM I knocked my sister & brother room 411, wow they were ready.

We went to the ground floor and went out the hotel, it was still dark and we turned left and walked again but this time we didn't go to the Medan Tuanku station, but we walked to Chow Kit area, not so far just around 300 meters, Chow Kit is a place where many Indonesians stay and run their businesses like open warung or food stall and sell Indonesian food like meat balls or bakso, mie pangsit, and other traditional foods. So the plan was going to Genting trough Titiwangsa not KL Sentral.

While we were walking, I took pictures of my sister and brothers he he, after that we saw a small food stall and hm lontong sayur and nasi lemak hm look so yummy and I ordered 1 nasi lemak, 2 lontong sayur, and again 2 hot coffee and me hot tea, not expensive just for 12 RM but actually I can find cheaper than this and more delicious

We walked again to the Chow Kit Station, and went to the last station Titiwangsa just one station only paid for 1.3 RM/each. Upon rrriving in Titiwangsa Station, we had to rush to the bus station where is just under the monorail station and almot 07.45 AM and I went to the ticket counter and the ticket was 5.2 RM/each and my brother went to the restroom first after that we run to catch the bus because the bus started to go and the driver opened the door, hm finally we did not need to wait in bus station. My brother and sister looked at the window may be everything look different comparing with Indonesia he he.

I was sleeping along the trip to Genting and I woke up when the driver pushed the horn. Already in Genting, it took around 2 hours and stopped in front of First World Hotel in Genting.

We went down and the weather not really cold as usual and not too many fog, still early morning around 9.30 AM. Taking pictures again he he, as usual my sister and my brother as my models he he.

We went to the First Hotel Lobby trough elevator, many peoples were checked out and brought the luggages but not so cramped may be still in the morning.

We walked around the indoor amusements and go to the upstairs because we wanted to try Genting Skytrain huiiii.

I should bought the ticket for 10 RM/each for one trip from First World Hotel to Awana Genting for the ticket back I should buy there. The tips to get cheaper actually you can go to Genting from KL Sentral by Airasia bus which cost only for 8 RM/each including the ticket for sky train from Awana to First World Hotel, but it was OK because my brother and sister were so happy.

Not waiting too long just for 15 minutes, the sky train arrived and so many peoples from Awana to First World Hotel, only 10 persons went down. the sky train started to moved after the guard came into, locked the door and using intercom informed that the train was ready to move.

I was little bit worry because it wa high and could not see clearly because the fog so thick and when I looked down only trees and bushes and when we passed the road, it was like a snake with small cars and buses. Fortunately it took only around 15 minutes. We arrived in Awana and wow the long queueing peoples wanted to go uphill by the train.

We went out from the sky train and nothing in the station and decided to go back again and should waiting for 1 hour before finally we went uphill with the train again but not it was not really worry like the first time, after that we had lunch in KFC hm so yummy crispy hot spice friend chicken and the hainan rice.

After walked around in Genting, we went back to KL and I choosed Airasia Bus but it was stopped in Terminal Putra Gombak, time was already 01.00 PM and bus was not really full and I was sleeping during that time and woke up when the bus stopped in Terminal Putra, we went out from the bus and actually I was little bit confuse because I was not sure about the transportation from this terminal to Batu Caves, but I got information that RapidKL Bus 203 would pass that place but we should wait because the bus had not come yet. So I decided to go by taxi and yaaaa so cheap only for 10 RM and the taxi driver was actually from Aceh so we talked in bahasa and I decided to use the same taxi for the round trip and I would pay him more.

Hm finally I could visit Batucaves and could see the giant Lord Murugan Statue 42.7 m tall and the 272 stairs went to the cave and the stairs were very steep and the weather was so hot and dry.

We just took several pictures with giant statue and limestone hills as the background, around 15 minutes there we went back to the terminal Putra and I paid for 30 RM for the taxi and he was so happy.

From the terminal Putra I just pay for 1.6 RM for each to KL Sentral and took around 20 -30 minutes, we arrived in KL Sentral.

We arrived in KL Sentral around 04.30 PM and back to the Hotel for taking a rest.

Happy because we already went around and many places had been visited.

Around 07.00 PM we went to the Bukit Bintang for have dinner in the chinese resto where was located on the corner and the food were not so delicious and quite expensive around 75 RM for 3 persons, and we walked again to the Pavillion the new brand shopping centre in Bintang walk area.

It was the last night in KL because tommorow we will back to Surabaya with Airasia and scheduled 04.20 PM.

After we walked around and took pictures, we headedc back to the hotel around 10.00 PM, time for us to pack all things because the hotel check out time was 10.00 AM morning. After finished all now the time for sleeping byee

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